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Alumina fiber flow box

Alumina fiber flow box can control the flow of molten aluminum during foil casting. The flow control box uses high silicon melting materials. It has the features of nonstick molten aluminum and erosion resistance, which can maintain the stability of the internal layer. AdTech alumina fiber flow box is mainly used for high value-added micron foil and PS plate casting.

Product Description

Item Size Flow Control Supporting Customized
Standard 200-600 As Drawing As Drawing
Flow Control Box Parameter:
Item Density (g`cm3) Rupture modulus (816℃·Mpa) Thermal Expansivity (680℃·K-1) Thermal Conductivity (540℃w/m·k)
Typical value Roll-PH 1.0-1.4 10.5-11.8 1.23*10-6 0.5-0.65

The automatic flow controller can reduce manual cost and improve molten aluminum flow stability.

The high silicon melting materials density at 1.0-1.4 g/cm3. AdTech flow control box has good insulation performance, a smooth surface. Good erosion resistance can save material costs.

Instructions for Alumina Fiber Flow Box:

1.Install and assemble according to the drawing, keep it intact and smooth.

2.Heat the flow control box 1 to 2 hours until the target temperature. Observe the lining surface if being red (below 800℃), which can remove crystal water.

3.If electric heating not available, it is better to heat by flame. Control the flame temperature and avoid direct fire cause the lining cracked.

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