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High Silica Casting Tip and Nozzle

2021-06-08 17:54:00

AdTech high-silica casting tip and nozzle is used for the crystal forming and size control of aluminum plate, strip, and foil blanks in the casting and rolling production line. It is formed by vacuum suction and filtration of nano-fiber composite materials and processed by high-precision equipment.

AdTech has been focusing on R&D, production, and sales since 2012. In the high silica casting tip and nozzle production line. AdTech high silica caster tip has been widely accepted by the market, and is used in the casting and rolling process of multiple series of cast-rolled aluminum alloy products: micron-level aluminum foil wool, PS plate base for printing, casting and rolling of packaging materials.

The high silica casting nozzle is a key component of the aluminum strip continuous casting and rolling mill, and its quality directly affects the quality of the strip and the yield of production. High silica casting tips and nozzles can be divided into multiple models according to the performance and needs of different casting machines.

High Silica Casting Tip and Nozzle Advantages

  • AdTech’s high-silica cast nozzle is made of a mixture of high-silica and a variety of other materials.
  • It has the advantages of good elasticity, no deformation, and long use time.
  • Its special process can effectively prevent molten aluminum from eroding the casting nozzle and avoid carbonization.
  • The fractured structure is a fine and uniform layered fiber structure to prevent the existence of flocculent tissue.
  • The coating on the working surface is uniform and smooth to prevent the occurrence of granular cracks and coating shedding, and provide a guarantee for high-quality cast-rolled plates.

AdTech high silica casting nozzle has a uniform distribution of internal short fiber structure, moderate density, good thermal insulation, precise size, high oxidation resistance, no delamination and no block, low deformation, and effectively protects the quality of cast-rolled coils. The effect is better when used with boron nitride coating.

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