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Double Rotor Degassing System

2021-06-16 15:37:14

The double rotor degassing system has high degassing efficiency and adopts a compact furnace design. The rotating nozzle is used in the degassing box to degas, and convection is formed in the box, so that small bubbles can be filled and diffused in the molten aluminum. The contact surface between bubbles and molten aluminum is enlarged. At the same time, a sealed design is adopted to prevent secondary pollution caused by the entry of outside air, and improve the degassing efficiency of the equipment.

The double rotor degassing system adopts the method of working station degassing. During operation, the molten aluminum can maintain the temperature through electric heating. The heating system adopts an immersion heating system with high heating efficiency. Using silicon carbide heating elements, silicon controlled temperature control, high temperature control accuracy, easy to use, easy to operate. The one-key switch is adopted, the design is simple and easy to use, which reduces the complexity of the system and reduces equipment maintenance costs. At the same time, in the design of the equipment, the different requirements of the users for the casting quality are taken into consideration. The refined gas flow rate and the double rotor speed are adjustable.

The double rotor degassing system facilitates equipment maintenance and the convenience of rotor replacement. Both the rotating nozzle part and the heater part can be lifted separately, and the upper cover can be lifted and rotated horizontally to maximize the convenience of maintenance operations.

The degassing equipment has an interlocking mechanism to avoid injury caused by misoperation.

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Main performance parameters of dual-rotor degassing system:

Heating method: immersion heating.

Temperature control method: intelligent instrument automatic control

The average temperature of the outer wall of the box: ≤45℃

Temperature of molten aluminum in the box: 700-760℃

Thermal insulation capacity: The designed volume of molten aluminum can meet the requirements of the casting process after a long period of shutdown.

Furnace cavity capacity: <800kg.

Rotating nozzle speed adjustment range: 0-350rpm

Maximum metal processing capacity: 15t/hr

Static temperature control accuracy of molten aluminum: ≤±2℃