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Distribution Plate

Distributing launder adopts high-silicon melting 140 and Al-Si materials. It has strong corrosion resistance, high geometric accuracy, smooth casting surface, long life, low maintenance cost, no pollution to molten metal. In order to ensure that the aluminum level is slowly and evenly filled into the crystallizer, and improve the quality of the product. AdTech provides a distributing plate for crystallizer. AdTech’s main hot-top casting parts include Casting Sprue Bush, Transition Plate, Distributing Launder, Graphite Ring, Hot Top Casting Cap, etc. The hot-top casting parts are used with Wagstaff casting equipment for precision casting.

Product Description

Distributing Launder Specification:
3in 3.5in 4.5in 5in 5.5in 6in 6.5in
8in 9in 10in 12in 14in 16in 18in
Technical parameter:
Item Density (g/cm3) Compression Strength (Mpa) Thermal Expansivity (X*10-6/℃) Max Working Temperature (℃)
Index 1.4-1.5 15-16 4-4.5 >1000
Distributing Launder Features:

1.Good wettability, smooth glazed surface, high geometric precision and low maintenance cost.

2.No delamination and peeling phenomenon. Reduce the pollution of aluminum liquid, and achieve pollution-free fine aluminum casting.

3.Scour resistance, good thermal shock resistance, improve corrosion resistance to molten metal.

4.Better use with boron nitride (BN) coatings, which can achieve energy-saving and consumption reduction.

Distributing Launder for Crystallizer:

The distributing launder for the crystallizer includes a round tray, a ring plate, and several partition blocks. Among them, the ring plate is located above the round tray, and a ring gap is formed between the ring plate and the round tray. Several spacers are located in the ring plate, which are used to connect the ring plate and the round tray, and divide the ring gap into several arc gaps, and each arc gap is a drainage port. A plurality of drainage ports are provided on the peripheral for the crystallizer.

When injecting molten aluminum into the crystallizer, place the distributing launder for the crystallizer in the crystallizer. So that the outlet of the downcomer pipe is facing the center of the round tray, the aluminum water flowing out of the downcomer pipe enters the ring plate. Afterward, it will be constrained by a number of partitions and will not be able to roll arbitrarily. And the melton aluminum will be divided into a number of streams to the edge of the crystallizer under the constraints of the partitions and gradually fill the crystallizer.

How to Use Hot Top Casting Parts:

1.Select accessories of the hot-top casting equipment platform of corresponding specifications.

2.Install the distributing launder, ceramic sprue bush, casting transition plate, and graphite ring on the upper side of the platform. The sleeve and adapter plate, graphite ring are on the inside of the crystallizer. And ensure cleanness, no damage, no gaps. It is best to use ceramic fiber paper or ceramic fiber blanket on the side and bottom, which is helpful for heat preservation.

3.After installing the overall hot-top casting platform, preheat the equipment platform to 260-350 ℃ evenly. There are two methods: electric or gas baking, so as to remove the crystal water.

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