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Adtech's events


Aside from the hustle and bustle and impetuousness of the city, our entire Adtech Zhengzhou team came to the expansion base with a childlike mood and completed a transformative expansion training. This is a team, a whole, in order to achieve the goal , we have no grade, no age, no gender or each other. This outreach training has narrowed the distance between front-line sales staff and leaders, allowing employees who rarely get together to have more exchanges and communication, have a better understanding of each other, and let everyone have a new understanding of the team.

Since the establishment of the company, the scale of the company's team has continued to expand, and the company's cohesion and team awareness are particularly important. Especially in the team style display and drumming games have been fully displayed. The meaning and influence of the drumming game are very profound. In the early stage of the game, everyone was in a state of no clue. I have never experienced this game. Wanting to keep the continuous beat of the ball on the drum is everyone's thinking and thinking. key point to break through. Through trial and error again and again, as well as our experience and finding ways to keep beating from trial and error, everyone brainstormed and united, and finally outperformed the game and won the game. This game illustrates the important points: 1. The cohesion of the team is very important, but any mistake by one of the personnel may lead to the failure of the entire game; 2. Failure is the mother of success, only by constantly summing up experience and experience in repeated failures Only by learning lessons can we explore a better path for success and approach success; 3. Life requires constant self-transcendence and breakthroughs. In the early stage, we expected the ball to beat continuously at most 50 times. In the end, we broke through to 125 continuous beats. As long as you find a suitable method and approach, the successful explosion and self-breakthrough will be instantaneous. It may take a long time to explore and the process will be tortuous, but the future and results must be bright.

The second thing that impressed me most was "Outstanding the Encirclement". In this event, everyone united as one and united as one. into the training scenario. From the beginning of being overwhelmed, to believing in the command of the leader and the trust of the peers to overcome the anxiety, I experienced firsthand what "full trust and interdependence" is.

The last is to tear up the PK elimination team flag, and the eliminated team leader and players accept the simulated scene of punishment. The same piece of iron can be sawed and melted, or it can be smelted into steel. The same team can do nothing but achieve great things. This simulation scene fully realizes the cruelty of the society and the survival of the fittest in the market. As long as there is a market and sales, competition is inevitable. We must keep a clear mind in the competition, have a sense of crisis, and always understand that as long as we don’t work hard enough, are not outstanding enough, and are not outstanding enough, we may be eliminated at any time.

In a word, an excellent team must have clear goals. In the face of various challenges and difficulties, team cohesion, mutual encouragement and tolerance, and each performing their own duties are particularly important. The training was rich in content, varied in form, and had obvious effects. It improved our thinking, boosted the morale of the team, and enhanced discipline and execution.

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